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Veteran Appreciation Month

Veteran Appreciation Month

Did you know that May is National Military Appreciation Month? While many people celebrate this month by offering military deals at their business, you do not have to own a company to make a difference this May. There are countless ways that all of us can give back to military members, veterans and their families this month! Here are seven simple ways to get involved.

Donate to Veterans 

Use MHA’s Donation Form below to complete your one time or re-occurring donation.  In the notes section, please indicate that you would like your donation to be utilized by our Vet2Vet Program, which provides peer support and connection to resources to Orange County Veterans. 

Donation Form

Spread The Word to Veterans

Military Appreciation Month is a popular time for businesses offer discounts and promotions for veterans. Again, you do not have to be a business owner to give back. If you know a military family, an easy way to show your appreciation is to simply let them know about any great deals you come across this month.


Make Plans for Memorial Day

With many patriotic observances taking place in May, it makes sense that this month was chosen as Military Appreciation Month. The biggest of them all is of course Memorial Day. If you are a veteran or are close to people who are, you know that Memorial Day is about honoring those who have lost their lives fighting for our country.

However, many people forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. If there is not a Memorial Day observance taking place in your area, use this month to think of ways to get people in your community involved on Memorial Day.


Become a Volunteer

Want to do something hands on?  Donate your time to support Veterans.  The VA has volunteer programs where your talents can be matched with Veteran needs.  To learn more click here.

Or complete the MHA Volunteer application and indicate that you would like to learn more about opportunities to support Veterans through MHA’s Vet2Vet Program.   Let us know how you would like to support, and we will do our best to match you with a volunteer role that meets your talents and availability.  Apply to Become an MHA Volunteer/Intern

Recognize Local Veterans

If you run a newsletter or bulletin through your workplace, religious organization, school or other institution, May is a great time to highlight and honor local veterans. This can be especially meaningful if you have veterans working at your organization.


Brush Up on Flag Etiquette

It is great to fly the American Flag every day of the year, but it is especially important on military holidays. Even if you fly the flag every day, there might be a few things about flag etiquette that you did not know. May is a great time to brush up on these flag etiquette facts. If you are involved with a local scout troop, May might be a great time for the scouts to work on their flag protocol merit badge as well.


Send A Card

Many of us know a military member or veterans who is away from home, hospitalized or living in a retirement community away from family. A great way to show your appreciation this month is to simply send a card. A small gesture such as a note saying that you are thinking about them can make a huge difference! If you do not know a veteran in this situation, contact a local VA hospital and ask about how you can send a card to brighten a stranger's day.

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