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Community Based Programs

CORE Services

Community Oriented Recovery Empowerment (CORE) Services

CORE services are available to adults (age 21 years and above) who qualify and are enrolled in a Health and Recovery (HARP) plan. The HARP plans in Orange County, NY are Affinity Enriched Health, MVP Harmonious Health Care Plan, HealthierLife (Fidelis), and Wellness4me Plan (United Healthcare). 

New York State is making this change because CORE Services are easier to get than Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BH HCBS). Eligible members can get CORE Services through a recommendation from a qualified provider. 

The services that MHA provides are: 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) - This service helps with life skills, like making social connections; finding or keeping a job; starting or returning to school; and using community resources. 

  • Get a job or go to school while managing mental health or addiction struggles 
  • Live independently and manage your household 

Family Support and Training (FST)

  • This service gives the members' family and friends the information and skills to help and support the member. 
  • Build or strengthen healthy relationships.

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment

  • Counseling or therapy.

  • Support to achieve your goals.


Q. Does a participant need an assessment for CORE Services? 

A. No, the participant does not need the New York State Eligibility Assessment to get CORE Services. The member can get a CORE service if it is recommended for the member by a qualified provider, like a doctor or social worker. The qualified provider may want to discuss the members' diagnosis and needs before making a recommendation for a CORE service. 

Q, How does the member find a qualified provider to recommend the member for CORE Services? 

A. The member's primary care provider or therapist may be able to make a recommendation for CORE Services. If they do not have a Behavioral Health provider or the provider is unable to provide the recommendation, we have an internal Licensed Healing Arts Practitioner (LHAP) that can complete the recommendation. 

Q. What are the minimum qualifications for a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA)?

A. For the purposes of making a recommendation to CORE Services, the minimum qualifications for an LPHA are: 

  • Doctors (MD/DO) 
  • Physician’s Assistant (PA) 
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) 
  • Registered Nurse (RN) 
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) 
  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) 
  • Licensed Psychologist 
  • Licensed Psychoanalyst 
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) 
  • Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), under the supervision of an LCSW, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist employed by the agency. 

Q. How do I make a referral to the CORE Program? 

A. Complete the form found at the link below. Please enter as much information as possible because it will help us to connect the participant with CORE services more quickly. Click HERE to Submit a Referral for CORE Services 

Q. Will the BH HCBS Plan of Care still be required (for Health Home care managers)?

A. No. CORE services will be driven by an Individualized Service Plan developed by the member and their CORE provider. Providers will continue to collaborate with the Managed Care Organization (MCO) and other providers as needed. 

Q. Who can make a referral? With the No Wrong Door referral pathway, anyone can make a referral including the prospective program participant (self-referrals). How do we determine HARP eligibility or enrollment status?

A. There are a number of resources a provider can use to determine eligibility/enrollment status including ePACES, PSYCKES, and an individual’s Medicaid Managed Care organization (MCO). 

Q. If the HARP eligible client is enrolled in Family Support (FST) can their children receive FST services as collaterals?

A. The only person receiving services is the HARP enrolled/eligible person. The role of the Collateral is to provide support in helping the HARP member achieve their goals. In some circumstances, the HARP member can also ask FST provider to provide psychoeducation. The HARP member is the program participant, and they identify their family of choice (who do not have to be 21+).

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