Orange County Crisis Call Center
24 hr crisis intervention information and referrals
Dial 311
calling outside of Orange County
(845) 346-HELP

Mental Health Association in
Orange County, Inc.

Angela Jo Henze
Executive Director
845.342.2400 ext: 1326

Deborah de Jong
Associate Executive Director
845.342.2400 ext: 1248

Judy Stanger
Director of Community Based Programs
(845) 342-2400 ext. 1223

Sheena Carey
Director of Crisis Services
845.342.2400 ext:1269

Alison Fisher
Director of Social Programs
845.342.2400 ext:1236

Danielle Finn
Director of Finance
(845) 342-2400 ext. 1229

Marvelly St Cloud
Office Manager/Executive Assistant
(845) 342-2400 ext. 1257

Julia Phillips
Quality Assurance/Administrative Manager
(845)342-2400 ext. 1268

Maxine Edwards
Humane Resources
(845)342-2400 ext. 1261

 Fax: 845.343.9665

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