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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program
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Parents for Meagan's Law- up-to-date information regarding sex offender registration and notification laws and links to sex offender registries nationwide.

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We offer information and referrals to sexual assault victims so they will be able to make well informed choices in regard to their health, safety and successful prosecution of their case. We work to ensure every victim's rights.

Mental Health Association Rape Crisis Advocates are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and accompany sexual assault victims and co-victims to hospital emergency rooms, police departments and court rooms.

Sexual assault victims are entitled to no-cost medical and forensic examinations that are paid for by the New York State Office of Victim Services. Rape Crisis Advocates encourage victims to obtain medical treatment directly following an assault whether or not the victim has chosen to report crime to law enforcement.

Medical personnel examine the victim and offer preventative medications for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. With the victim's consent, medical personnel collect DNA and other evidence that may be helpful to the prosecution should the case go to court. All Orange County Hospitals offer forensic examinations to sexual assault victims.

1 (800) 832-1200 Within Orange County or (845) 346-HELP Outside
Orange County

Provides 24 hour advocacy services including crisis intervention and accompaniment for adult and child victims of rape, sexual assault and incest. Services also encompass the 24 hour SEXUAL ASSAULT EXAMINER PROGRAM  (SAE) offering forensic evidence collection and treatment for adult victims of rape, sexual assault and incest. This initiative is in collaboration with Orange Regional Medical Center, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital and Orange County District Attorney’s Office. 

The Community Educators make presentations to schools, community groups, law enforcement, hospitals and mental health organizations. Sexual assault is the most under reported and misunderstood crime. Education is key to shattering myths and increasing sensitivity to the needs and issues facing sexual assault victims and co-victims.

Rape Crisis Services in Orange County is a program of the Mental Health Association in Orange County. We are funded by: Orange County District Attorney's Office,
New York State Department of Health,
New York State Office of Victim Services,
New York State Department of Criminal Justice and
United Way of Dutchess-
Orange Region.