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Get a team together...make some t-shirts and have some fun

The Autism Move-a-thon of Orange County (AMOC) is scheduled for October 8, 2017.  A move-a-thon is much like a walk-a-thon only the participants can walk, hop, skip, jump, stride or boogie. The participants may be individuals, teams or groups.  This event is co-sponsored by Parents Run AMOC and Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc. with support from the entire community. 

 Anyone wishing to participate in this community based project to benefit the ever-growing population of individuals with Autism will be warmly welcomed.  As you can imagine, it takes an enormous effort to make an event like this happen, so your help is really needed.

     The money raised will be going to Autism related projects at Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc. and to the Autism Research Institute. These are two organizations that have assisted families in getting educated about Autism and helped them cope with the daily challenges they must face.   For information about the organizations to benefit from AMOC, please visit their websites.

 ARI:  http://www.AutismResearchInstitute.com

MHA:   http://www.mhaorangeny.com

 If you would like to help a special group of people to live more productive lives in our community, please volunteer to make this important event a huge success. Thank you for your support.

 For information and to sign up, please contact

Stacey Orzell

(845) 342-2400 ext.  1307