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AUTISM SPECTRUM FUNDAccess to Money Reimbursement Program (ASF)


Access to Money Reimbursement Program (Asf)

 A lump sum of money is donated each year to Asf
 by the Autism Move-a-thon of Orange County for use as a flexible fund.

Families of individuals on the Autism spectrum living at home in Orange County , New York may apply for an annual stipend for parent training and/or purchase of goods/services for the person with an ASD .  Parent training may be attending a conference, seminar or taking a course or purchasing books or videos to help them better parent the individual with ASD . For the individual, any item/service may be purchased including but not limited to gymnastics, karate, camp, clothing, toys, special food/supplements,social skills groups, trampolines and more.

The amount of the stipend will vary from year to year depending on donations received
by the Autism Move-a-thon of Orange County

Until the money is depleted, every family will be accepted with a completed application form, HIPAA signature page and a letter/report from a doctor stating a diagnosis of Autism, P.D.D., Asperger syndrome or Autism spectrum disorder.

For further information  please contact:
Lisa Currao or Stacey Orzell
ext. 1307

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